Iris View, scialytic light with integrated camera: the right tool for your everyday job that meets your requirements

Focus on details

The integrated camera provides 30x magnification thanks to the optical zoom and the autofocus to let you discover every single details without eye-strain and to ease your working procedures. You can work hands-free, with a steady image that is always illuminated by the right lighting.



The professional, full-HD integrated camera enables you to:

See/ perform live streaming
Show procedures and results to your patients

Education and documentation

The profesisonal, full-HD integrated camera enables you to:

  • transmit live surgery or webinars
  • transmit the images in streaming on multiple monitors
  • create videos for congresses and courses
  • save procedures for patients’ history and legal purposes

The right light for every dental procedure

The right vision in every moment helps the professional and reduces the possibilities of making mistakes and losing precious time: that’s exactly why our focus lies on providing a correct lighting of the oral cavity.

To help you choosing in a immediate way the right combination of these parameters, we have selected tre pre-set programmes: surgery mode, anti-polymerization mode and colour-matching mode. You can set the programmes trough the touchpad or though the app My light for I-pad.


My light application offers the chance of selecting and adjust the different parameters in an easy way, without touching the light.

Materials and design to avoid cross-contamination

Iris View has been designed for surgical rooms. Chosen, durable materials and design help preventing bacterial proliferation.

  • frotal screes is easy to clean and protects led sources from dust
  • handle covers are autoclavable
  • the on/off sensor (optional) prevents cross-contamination
  • the structure, entirely made in alluminium, assures a complete sanitization


Correct lighting, magnification, sight of every tiny detail, indirect vision trough reduce eye-strain and foster concentration throughout the day.

The shadowless operating area helps you mantaining a correct posture, reducung the risks of job-related patologies.

Patients are not blinded by the light, thanks to the definite, precise light spot.


Iris View can pe painted in any RAL colour, to meet the different requirements.

Iris View can be installed in every dental practice, thanks to a wide range of possible installations.


Iris View entitles all the fundamental tools to improve your everyday work: dental light for oral cavity, video-shooting camera and communication instrument.


Power supply 12 – 24 Vac 50-60 Hz
Maximum power absorbed  35,2 VA
Maximum electricity absorbed 3 A
Pattern dimension 80 x 200 mm approx
Light intensity (5 adjustable steps) from 8000 lux to 45000 lux
Distance from  patient 70 cm
CRI > 90%
Light source 8 leds
Emission spectrum 380 – 780 nm
Sensor 1/2.8″ CMOS
Risolution 1920 x 1080px (Full HD)
Zoom 30x otpical
working distance from 35 cm to 80 cm
Zoom speed from wide to tele (with autofocus) in 4.6s
Video output full HD 60 fps 3G SDI
White balance automatic from 3000K to 7500K
Brightness balancing automatic with Wide Dinamic Range mode
Image stabiliser 90% vibration correction up to 10Hz

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