Immediate and easy to use: every function is within reach

3 pre-set programmes

Surgery mode: it helps to see every single detail clearly, distinguish soft tissues and boost concentration, avoiding eye-strain.

Anti-polymerization mode: it reduces the curing compound speed without needing any filter or other accessories. You only have to press the anti-polymerization mode botton on the touchpad to gain all the light you need without early polymerization.

Colour matching mode: it helps the professional in choosing the right colour during tooth replacements.



The touchpad let you set the different parameters in an easy, immediate way. The 3 pre-set programmes make the transition from a mode to another quick, leaving the professional the right time to focus only on its job, without having to think about choosing every parameter.

The different steps of light intensity permit to reach in a few second the chosen level.

Materials and design to avoid cross-contamination

Iris View has been designed for surgical rooms. Chosen, durable materials and design help preventing bacterial proliferation.

  • frotal screes is easy to clean and protects led sources from dust
  • handle covers are autoclavable
  • the on/off sensor (optional) prevents cross-contamination
  • the structure, entirely made in alluminium, assures a complete sanitization


The sensomatic version offers the chance to turn on and turn off the light with an easy hand movement thanks to the sensor, installed in the frontal cover of the light. This can help mantaining hygiene because the profesional is not forced to touch the light to turn it on/off.


An intense lighting does not always mean a correct lighting. Iris provide an adjustable light intensity from 8.000 to 50.000 lux to give you the lighting you need. The light intensity steps up to 35.000 lux provide the right light intensity for your everyday-work and avoid eye-strain. In order to gain a maximum light intesity during specific surgical procedures you can also increas the light intesity up to 50.000 lux for a short period of time.


The mirror kit fosters the communication with the patient in a clear and quick way in order to show patologies and the end-result of the job.


Iris has been projected in every single detail with a continuous focus on performing, valuable and durable materials, designed for dental practices.

The light is made of alluminium to provide a solid and everlasting product.The chosen leds are free of photobiological risks, certified and they guarantee a durable product.

The structure of each led assembly develop scialytic effect. The frontal cover makes it easy to clean the light, fostering hygiene.


Iris can pe painted in any RAL colour, to meet your requirements. Iris can be installed in every dental practice, thanks to a wide range of possible installations.


Power supply 12 – 24 Vac 50-60 Hz
Maximum power absorbed 50 VA
Maximum electricity absorbed 3 A
Pattern dimension 70 x 140 mm approx
Light intensity (5 adjustable steps) from 8000 lux to 50000 lux
Distance 70 cm
CRI > 90%
Light source 8 led
Emission spectrum 380 – 780 nm

G.COMM distributes in more than 45 countries worldwide but we are  intersted in entering new markets.